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General terms and conditions for online store Little green Fairy have been set in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), based on recommendations of GZS.


General terms and conditions for use of the website (the “Terms”) are an agreement between you and the company Gozdna Vila d.o.o., Zadobrovska cesta 96, 1260 Ljubljana-Polje, Slovenia. These terms and conditions govern your use of the online store Little green fairy, including placing bids and purchase of goods.



By visiting or using the website www.littlegreenfairy.com you express your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with them, leave the site and do not use online store www.littlegreenfairy.com.


Vendor reserves the right to change the conditions on the site littlegreenfairy.com at any time and without notice. All changes are binding on buyers, so we recommend that you regularly check terms and conditions.


Before you can use the website or if you have any questions regarding these terms, please contact info@gozdnavila.com or info@littlegreenfairy.com.



Little green Fairy, dealer or we / us” stands for Gozdna Vila d.o.o., Zadobrovska cesta 96, 1260 Ljubljana-Polje, Slovenia


“Online Store” or “Trade” stands for store, which is located on the website;


“Website” stands for the website located at www.littlegrenfairy.com, www.littlegreenfairy.com, malasumskavila.com.hr or any other link that could replace it;


“You” stands for the user of the website;


“Users” means all users of the website;


“Agreement” the Agreement shall consist of documents, as described in the Terms and Conditions. The Agreement shall be considered to be concluded when placing an order to purchase a product / s in accordance with these Terms and Conditions when you receive confirmation of your order from our side. By entering into this Agreement, you shall agree to be bound by the present Terms ;.


“Your order or Order” stands for your bid, which you submit to our website for purchase of our products, that for us become binding at the moment we send you a confirmation;


“Confirmation, respectively Acceptance of your order“stands for an acknowledgment of receipt of your order, which you receive via email immediately after placing the order. The confirmation of receipt of your order shall contain a list and the price of products purchased, basic information and delivery prices.


“The confirmation of placed order” stands for the confirmation of acceptance of your order, which will be sent to you on request via e-mail. The confirmation of your order placement represents the agreement and includes a list of the products purchased, basic information, purchase and delivery prices, account and data for the delivery as well as those conditions. With the receipt of the certificate of placed order you have successfully completed the acquisition and set up a contract with us.


“Conditions or the General Conditions” stands for these Terms and Conditions for online store and any applicable specific conditions; Terms available at the bottom right hand or on the link : http://littlegreenfairy.com/termsofuse/


“Special Conditions” stands for the conditions in the product description as well as any additional terms and conditions applicable to those conditions;


“Store” stands for the online store, which is located on www.littlegrenfairy.com and www.littlegreenfairy.com, malasumskavila.com.hr or any other link that can replace the named ones;


“Product” stands for a product displayed for sale in the online store;


“Product Description” stands for that part of an online store where the description is presented, including certain conditions relating to the product;


“Pre-order” stands for your offer/bid to purchase the product / s that are not in stock, but are able to carry out a pre-order;


“Cookies” A cookie is a small text file which is transferred to the user’s computer when he or she visit the website, respectively web shop usually contains the name of the server from which the cookie was sent, the life of the cookie, and value – usually a unique random number. Cookie itself does not contain or collect information. If you can read by the server along with the Web browser, this may be a website to assist in the implementation of user-friendly services – for example, to recall previous purchases or information about the user’s account. Only the server which sent the cookie can read and use this cookie. Websites and online shops use cookies (text files) for customized user experience and analytical processing information while visiting the website. They are also used to store information to enable the registration and operation of the online basket. On the Web site, cookies can enhance user experience and thereby allow it to remember the settings of the user. This means that the user re-visit the website to recognize.


“Personal information” stands for information which you provide when registering, as well as information relating to behavior on the website, information about the given orders and sales, and any other information that you submit for us.




Use of the Website

By using the website you agree to the terms of use. By placing orders via the website you warrant that you are not minor, that you are at least 18 years of age and have full legal capacity to enter into this Agreement.


If you place orders for legal entities, you warrant that you have obtained the consent of the legal representative to purchase. The purchase process for legal entities is exactly the same as for natural persons; only distinction is entering the business name and tax identification number when finalizing the purchase. Also, the payment options are the same.


In the store you can sign up as an individual – natural person. Individuals are only users who acquire and use goods and services for purposes outside their commercial or professional activity. For customers who are natural persons under this rule, the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions apply.


Members of the online shop have access to special benefits such as Special Price (if available for the product), special offers, discounts and gifts. All private information will be kept confidential.


By entering this website irrevocably you understand and agree that you can communicate and do business with us only in English, Croatian and Slovenian languages.


If you use the Website, you are responsible for access to your computer and user account on our website.


You agree to use the website so they do not harm us, other users or third parties. We reserve the right to suspend or restrict your access to the Website without notice if you violate our Terms and Conditions or abuse the website or access to the site.


In the case of maintenance or changes to the website, we reserve the right to limit or terminate access to the site during this period. Our goal is that all maintenance and similar work is carried out as soon as possible, and to allow you to regain access as soon as possible.


By using the website you agree that you may be automatically redirected to the localized version of the store that is nearer to your location, if this possibility exists.


Changes on the website

We reserve the right to: modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, this Website (or any portion thereof).


The trader strives for the highest possible degree of timeliness and accuracy of data published on the site. Nevertheless, a reduced rate of operation of used technological solutions, introduction, transmission, or any other causes of data error that appear on the site is possible. In the event that the web site visitor estimates that there is incorrectly displayed information, he/she may communicate a message to the contact addresses. The trader is not liable for occasional problems with the website, possible inaccuracy of information, nor for any damages resulting from the use of incorrect or incomplete information and lack of access and use of the information on these websites.


Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Vendor reserves the right to change the conditions on the site Littlegreenfairy.com at any time and without notice. All changes are binding on buyers, so we recommend that you regularly check terms and conditions.


The latest version of the Conditions is available at www.littlegreenfairy.com


Intellectual property rights

Online shop Littlegreenfairy.com and all data, product descriptions, program code, technology, pictures, articles and graphics and other uncontrolled elements embedded and displayed on the merchant’s website are protected by copyright law and other laws and regulations of the copyright law and may not be reproduced or used without prior written permission.


Trademarks and logos of recognized companies are in their possession.


Data protection and privacy

Registration and / or entering personal information of the dealer on online shop is necessary and is used only for the proper execution of the trader services. The trader will never share, sell, rent or otherwise trade your personal information. Your personal information will never be used if you do not agree with the method of application. Users can view the data stored about them through their account.


Little green Fairy undertakes to permanently protect all personal user data in accordance with the PDPA-1. Little green Fairy uses mentioned personal data exclusively for the fulfillment of the contract (the sending of information material, tenders, invoices) and other necessary communication with users. User data shall in no case be handed over to unauthorized persons. For the protection of personal data is liable to the user in a way that ensures the security of your e-mail address, user name and password, and the appropriate software (anti-virus) to protect your computer.


A trader in the site uses several different security technologies to protect your data and privacy.


The data transmission to the server is protected with 128-bit SSL certificate issued by an approved inspection body.


Communication with users

Little green Fairy will contact the users via means of distance communication except in case when a user does not explicitly object, and in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act ZEK-1.

Electronic messaging and / or SMS messages will contain the following elements:

clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisements,

the sender will be clearly visible,

various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such.


There will be clearly set out conditions of participation in them:

There will be a clear presentation of option for un-subscription from the advertisements

Requests of the user that he/she does not want to receive advertisements will be specifically honored.


Reviews, opinions and recommendations

Reviews, ratings and recommendations, written by customers are a part of the functionality of an online store, and are intended for user community. Little green Fairy allows the opinion written by any user of the online store, upon the review, before final publication. Little green Fairy will not publish reviews or articles that are in any way offensive, unsuitable or that according to our estimates do not provide benefits to other users and visitors.


By submitting an opinion or comment, the user expressly agrees to the terms of use of his opinions or comments and authorizes Little green Fairy for publication of all or part of the text in all electronic and other media. Little green Fairy has a right to use the content of opinions or comments and apply them indefinitely and for any purpose that is in the commercial interests of Little green Fairy, including the publication within the advertisements or other marketing communications. Author of the opinion/comment simultaneously declares and guarantees that he owns the material and moral copyright for written views and comments and that these rights are non-exclusive and unlimited in time transferred to the Little green Fairy.


Statement relating to nutrition and health claims in product descriptions

All information on the web pages of trade Little green Fairy are for information only and are not intended as a substitute for the advice of the treating physician or other medical personnel, also can not be a substitute for appropriate medical attention because they are not recognized by the health authority.


Product claims about specific products on this online store has not been evaluated by the state institutions and are not intended to treat or prevent disease. Textual descriptions of each product are for informational purposes only and have not been approved by the European Institute for Safety Authority (EFSA).


In the event that you are taking any medication or other dietary supplements, before combining these super foods, refer to your doctor.




All prices in the online store littlegreenfairy.com are given in EUR and do not include value added tax (VAT), whereas the trader is not liable for VAT unless stated otherwise. Prices are valid at the conclusion of the contract, or when the customer receives the order is processed. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Your price

The price applicable to online purchases. Applicable in case of confirmation of the order.


Shipping costs

Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price and will be added to the purchase price. The cost of delivery is calculated before the conclusion of the contract so that after the payment, customer no longer has any additional costs (except for payment on delivery, mail Slovenia where you will be charged a fee to pay the bills). The cost of shipping is changing and continuously updated during the contract. Delivery is valid for Slovenian territory. For faster delivery or delivery outside the country of Slovenia must be arranged by phone or e-mail.


For orders over € 150.00 delivery is free.


Bank fees

Please note that bank transfers require additional fees, which cannot be assessed at the time of purchase. The fee you are charged by your bank for payment orders is your responsibility and you pay according to the agreement that you have with your bank.


Return policy

Gozdna Vila d.o.o. assures the quality of goods by the guarantee from importer/producer of goods. Products are guaranteed, if so is stated in the guarantee. This guarantee is valid when the instructions on the guarantee were followed, and upon receipt of invoice. The guarantee periods are listed on the guarantee or invoice.


Guarantee information is also listed on the side of the presentation of the product. If there is no information in the guarantee, this product is not guaranteed or indication of it is unknown at the given time. In the latter case, the buyer can contact the provider that will provide up to date information.


In the event of damage caused by misuse, negligence, mechanical damage and damages in the event of force majeure, the guarantee does not apply. Furthermore, guarantee cannot be enforced in the event that the goods display visible interference of others, unauthorized personal, wrong management respectively, negligent behavior.


In the event that the ordered items are not satisfactory, customer has available 14 days upon the receipt of the goods to withdraw from the contract in writing. The time limit begins on the day following the receipt of goods. The products must then be returned within 30 days after notification of the withdrawal. The cost of returning shall be borne by the customer.


Before refund please notify us by e-mail or call us at the phone number to agree on the best way of refund. Cash on delivery shipments are not accepted. Withdrawal from the contract should always be received in writing or in person.


Items are to be unused, undamaged and in the original packaging and all admixtures with whom the customer received the goods. Recovery encloses a copy of the original invoice. The purchase price for returned items will be credited to your bank account or if negotiated, regarded as the purchase price credit towards the next purchase. Money is returned exclusively on transaction accounts and not paid in cash. The only cost to the consumer in connection with the cancellation of the contract is the direct cost of returning the goods. If the items are damaged, used, dirty, without the original packaging or damaged, the trader reserves to refuse the refund or charge adequate compensation. The money customer gets back immediately after we receive the goods or at the latest within 30 days.


Withdrawal is not an option in the following cases:

If the goods are damaged, soiled or there are visible traces of use (in the interior and exterior of the appliance).


If the returned product falls within the above-mentioned cases, however, the trader decides that it will still take the goods back as a favor to the customer; the cost may be subject to compensation for cleaning and restoration.


The concept of goods covered by ZVpot is considered the sales packaging as an integral part of the goods, presenting images of the product and technical characteristics. With the destruction or damage of the package, the value of goods is reduced. Each container is in fact possible to open without visible effects of the opening. For damaged packaging, under the responsibility of the consumer (e.g. because the product was carelessly packaged while returning or because the packaging was unnecessarily torn during the opening), the merchant can charge a compensation of up to 30% of the value of the goods.


Corporate Responsibility for defects

Mentioned complaint can be claimed by the consumer for each product purchased with or without guarantee.


Mentioned complaint can be claimed by the consumer to the seller within 2 months following the discovery of a clerical error, or within 2 years after the goods have been taken over by the buyer. The consumer may require by its own choice: (1) Elimination of the error (2) Reimbursement of the amount paid in proportion to the situation (3) replacement of the goods (4) Reimbursement of the amount paid


In exercising the rights referred to in this title shall customer in the error message accurately describe the situation and enable the seller to review the product. If the error is not contested, the trader should as soon as possible, but no later than 8 days, accept the consumer’s request. However, if there is a dispute about the error, the trader must, within 8 days give the consumer a written reply.


Steps to purchase – contract conclusion

Selection of items – placing an order (order status “in the queue”); the user collects items that wants to add to the cart by clicking the button “Add to cart”. Customer can at any given time, up to this point, remove selected article from the basket by clicking “Remove”. When the user completes the collection of items, clicks on the “Checkout” at the box office and completes all the necessary details and submits his/hers order. The order is placed in queue; the customer gets a copy of the order to his/hers inbox. The buyer has the option to cancel the order in the queue via email within two hours. The order is kept in the “Archives” at the provider’s server. A user can be reached via the link “Archives” in the column “Login”.


Order confirmed – contract conclusion (contract status “Processing”) at the latest within 48 hours during the working days (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are non-working days) dealer checks the order, checks the supply of the product and confirms the order or rejects it. In the event that the price at the time of processing order is changed, the trader undertakes to try and offer the user a lower price or offer an appropriate solution that would be mutually satisfactory. Vendor reserves the right to call the user’s phone number or any other way of contact. Contract between the provider and the user in the event of confirmation of the order with the message “Processing” is definitively concluded, while in the case of rejection of the contract, the contract is not concluded.


Dispatch of the goods (order status “Done”) trader packs and dispatches goods accompanied by an original invoice and possible instructions.


Little green Fairy upon the delivery and payment of ordered products, sends the invoice to the customer also in the .pdf format via e-mail. Invoice contains price and all costs relating to the purchase broken down. The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the data before placing an order. Complaints regarding correctness of invoices issued that come after this point will not be taken into consideration.


Cancellation of the order

The user can cancel the order within 2 hours after placing the order by e-mail. After the expiration of 2 hours, cancellation of the order must be carried out over the phone. The e-mail must state the following information:

In the title of the message: Cancellation of the order

The content of the messages: a) order number b) the name of the buyer c) Address of the buyer


Payment methods

The purchase price of your order can be settled through:

– Paypal (automatic)

In such a case, you accept the terms, PayPal and its privacy policies, which are available at the date of these terms and conditions on the website https://cms.paypal.com/si/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=ua/Legal_Hub_full&locale.x=en_US

– In Advance


Information for payment by invoice as follows:

Gozdna Vila d.o.o.

Zadobrovška cesta 96

1260 Ljubljana-Polje


IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 5576 640



Accepting orders

Confirmation or acceptance of your order constitutes from an acknowledgment of receipt of your order, that customer receives on an email immediately after placing the order. The confirmation of receipt of customers order contains a list and prices of products purchased, basic information and delivery prices, as well as the conditions. With receiving the confirmation of customer’s purchase the customer has successfully finalized the purchase and concluded a contract with us.


Refusal of an order

Refusal of an order will be notified via e-mail.

Customers’ order is usually denied for one of the following reasons:

The product is not in stock.

We did not receive customers’ payment.

There is an error in the description or the price of the product.

Customer does not meet the conditions of transaction.

Customer did not ensure real and verifiable information.


In case of refusal of your order, your payment (if any) shall be reimbursed as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen (14) days after notice of rejection.


We strive to achieve the best possible user experience. We cannot guarantee that your purchase will be accepted and sent. In no way we are not responsible for the rejection of the order.


Product Review

Each product has pictures next to the product description that is associated with this product. We will do our best to make sure that these information, descriptions and prices of products are accurate. While we tend that our online store is up to date, the situation may change just at the moment of placing an order.


The trader is trying their best to make the site include accurate and up to date information about products, prices and stock. However, the trader does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information nor does it accept any liability for damages or other liability for any errors in the content of your site. Images of products are symbolic and do not represent the facts and do not guarantee product characteristics (color optional).


Prices and other components of the product description cannot be confirmed before of you give your orders, which you can accept or reject regarding our policy.



Information about the contract and the placed order are stored with the Trader. They are accessible either in the individual user account (access via the Internet) or in the database of the trader (access in person or by phone). Contract is concluded in the Slovenian language. Agreement or contract can be concluded by telephone, email or online via the online store. Corrections or additions to the contract can be sent by e-mail, or arranged on the phone.


Delivery time

The trader will endeavor to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer within the time limits. After placing an order, customer will receive confirmation, which contains confirmation of the ordered products and the total price. The order confirmation will also include a telephone number and email address of customer service, which a customer can contact in case of any questions or comments regarding the order. In the event that the goods customer ordered is not in stock, the Trader will agree with the customer about the delivery period. While the status of the order is “Processing” the Vendor reserves the right to reject such an order, for which it finds that under these conditions cannot be performed.


Shipping and delivery times can vary, depending on the product, its availability, the country of delivery, the carrier and other possible practical factors. Please note that these suggested times of delivery are estimated on average, but not a guarantee.


When ordering, you must accept the conditions of the selected carrier.



The delivery of ordered goods carries the Post of Slovenia or GLS. For all orders up to 11h, the trader tries to dispatch from the warehouse within 24 hours (provided that the goods are in stock). Delivery of goods is limited to the territory of Slovenia (in case of a different arrangement, please contact us). In any case, the trader is not responsible if the delivery period is exceeded. Delivery shall be made to the address that you provided at registration or order. In case the trades runs out of stock, customer will immediately be notified and presented with other similar products, or b informed about the delivery date for ordered items.


The delivery period shall begin at 14.00 hours on the day of receipt of the payment confirmation, or by the time you get e-mail notification that your order is “in processing”. Delivery time in exceptional cases is up to a maximum of 30 days, unless it is agreed otherwise. Products that are in stock will be dispatched the same day or the next working day after receiving the order. In the event that products are not in stock, we will inform you of the intended delivery time.


What does it mean in stock? For all orders, the items that are marked with the in stock and held to 11h, the trader will try to dispatch from the warehouse within 24 hours.


The cost of delivery is calculated before the conclusion of the order so that after the payment, customer no longer has any additional costs (except for payment on delivery, in which case Post Slovenia charges fees for payment slips).


The cost of shipping is changing and is continuously updated during the contract. Delivery is valid for Slovenian territory. For faster delivery or delivery outside the country of Slovenia, arrangements must be set by phone or e-mail.


Package pickup is possible in customers nearest branch of Post of Slovenia or the package is brought by GLS. We also recommend that when ordering, a customer should indicate the phone number at which he/she is available (eg. personal GSM), because customer will be, in the event that the package is of larger dimensions, previously called.


Order ‘COD’ is paid to delivery service – Post of Slovenia or GLS with cash. Please note that delivery service for such a service may be charged a fee. The total purchase price + shipping costs are specified in the contract, and adhere to, unless it was later agreed otherwise.


Gifts and promotional campaigns

Because we like to reward our loyal customers, readers of e-newsletter, and all others who accompany us through other media, we often conduct special promotional campaigns. If the visitor chooses to take advantage of such a campaign, he or she should be aware and undertakes that if it comes to cancellation of articles in part or in its entirety, a gift must also be returned, unless the customer replaces the article with any other product in the same value from the online store. Also for gifts that customers get free with the purchase we do not exchange or return value of the product.



Any information requests, applications and notifications can be sent via e-mail: info@goznavila.si. They will be treated as indicated in these conditions. We will try to answer within eight (8) days after submission of your claim.

Copyright © 2015 Aleksandra Prus s.p.

All rights reserved. On our website we make every effort to publish only verified and accurate information; if you discover false or inadequate information, please let us know.


For further information you can contact us by e-mail: info@littlegreenfairy.com


Zadobrovška cesta 96,
1260 LJubljana-Polje, Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 5576 640

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